Mission Adventure Day 2


Yesterday was a long one. Our students were up and ready to go at 7:30 a.m. Half of our students went to play bingo and have conversations with homeless people. The other half went to learn about a vegetable garden project from a ministry called Feed By Grace, which employs homeless men and women to grow organic vegetables right here in Fort Worth.

Then we all went to a place called Ester House, which is a home for women coming out of being sexually exploited. We painted, cleaned and did a lot of gardening. I am so proud of how hard our students worked. We even had a group come back later in the day to work for another 2 hours to finish painting.

After lunch our team made over 200 Samaritan kits, which are packets of toiletries, food and a Bible verse that they can take with them and hand out to homeless people they see around town.

What I’m seeing is that our students are longing to play a meaningful part in the kingdom of God. All of them love it when we give them an important task to do and tell them how it impacts others for Christ. They are longing to be included in what God is doing and can handle it when you challenge them.

Today we are doing more learning as well as getting to play with refugee children. Capped off with our family celebration dinner.

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Mission Adventure Day 1

Yesterday was an eventful one and I can already see just how unique these teens are. All of them are willing to tackle the challenges we set before them.

We spent the morning learning about poverty and how God wants his people to respond to people in need. In Isaiah 58 we see how God wants us to break the chains of oppression. We also learned that beyond physical needs, people in poverty also have the needs of being known, loved and empowered.


Later in the afternoon we went to the Salvation Army where we spent time with residents there (both adults and children). During our share time later that night the biggest thing that people shared was how shocked they were that the residents seemed like normal people. What a breakthrough! We believe that the first step of meeting the needs of another person is to love them. You can’t love someone you don’t know.

Well, we have another long day today. Pray for energy and patience. Most of all, pray that God would change hearts and use us greatly.


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Lone Tree 2013 Day 4

Yesterday, was a big day for many of our students. In the morning we packed up and hiked into the mountain to go rappelling off a 120 ft. mountain face. It was cool to see many of our student conquer their fears and encourage one another. There were several students who weren’t going to go at first, but then changed their mind at the last minute.



Later that afternoon our students dressed up in costumes to go down the water slide. I’m always impressed with the creativity our our students when you give them room to use it.




Last night we talked to our students about how we were made to bring God glory. Steve challenged them to think of situations not in terms of “Is this right or wrong?”, but in terms of “Will this bring glory to God?”

Here are a few statements from our students on what they are learning:

“I never heard it before that God views me as His masterpiece over all his creation. It makes me feel special.” – Emma

“I’m ashamed of what my answer to the question of where my value comes from. I want it to be my identity in Christ.” – Bella

“It’s not just getting in trouble for your sin, it turns others away from Christ.” – Riley

God is at work here at camp, please keep praying!

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Lone Tree 2013 Day 3

Lone Tree 2013 Day 3


Yesterday was a particularly meaningful day for me. In the afternoon our all camp game involved a giant mud pit. As always our students jumped right into the madness. I was one of the last people to get in for the game. When I got out to start cleaning up I realized that my wedding ring was missing. There was only one place it could be…the mud pit. My heart sank because I knew that the chances of finding the ring were nearly impossible.

I told our staff and immediately they jumped in to start looking. Ten of us spent 20 minutes crawling through the mud. I had given up hope, but everyone else wanted to keep looking. As I knelt in mud up to my elbows, tears started to well up in my eyes. Just then someone screamed, “I found it!” I was so overwhelmed with joy and gratitude. I now have my ring back and a constant reminder of the way God pursues us until He brings us into His family. I’ll never be able to look at my ring again without thinking of the Gospel.

Last night Steve talked about how we put our identity in things like relationships, sports and achievements. Ultimately, those things will fail us. But God’s love for us will not change based on our performance. It’s based on Christ. God’s love for us is the same on our best days and our worst days.

Here is how some of our students are reacting to the teaching this week:

“You can’t always rely on your athletics or your smarts, but you can always rely on God.”

“It always amazes me that God would send his son to die for people who wanted to kill his son.”

“We cannot fully comprehend how much God loves us.”

“Finding identity in worldly things is wrong.”

God is at work here at Camp Lone Tree, please pray for Him to change lives.




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Lone Tree 2013 Day 2

Lone Tree 2013 Day 2

Yesterday was our first full day at camp and it was a busy one. Starting in the morning our students hit the activities hard. We had kids go to the screamer, rifle range, rappelling wall, and some even took their bikes into town to deliver food to low income families.

In our small groups we talked about how God always had a plan for the church and that the church is not a place or building. Instead the church is the gathering of believers who teach the Word of God and practice baptism and communion.

Last night Steve talked about Paul’s world some more. On the one hand there are the religious Jews who are trying to do enough good works to earn God’s favor. On the other you have the Greek/Roman mindset who have a me first attitude. These two cultures collide in the early churches that Paul is guide. That is what we see when Paul writes his letters. Paul’s solution was “Follow me as I follow Christ”, challenging to imitate Jesus’ acts of service and love.

As I’ve asked students what they are getting out of the week I got a few responses. Nathan, an 8th grader, shared how God has been showing him His love and that encourages him to love the people in his life that are hard to follow. Thomas, another 8th grader, talked about how much he’s enjoying learning about the history of Paul’s world. It helps him understand the Bible more. Multiple other students are commenting on how much they are enjoying the worship.

Finally, here is a testimony of Marissa, an 8th grader who went and served the community yesterday.

Watch the video

Please pray for another great day.

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Lone Tree 2013 Day 1

We arrived safely at camp yesterday. Our DVD player on the bus was broken so we had to actually entertain ourselves, which is a new skill for many of our students. In the end it was a blessing in disguise because it gave us more time to talk with the students.

We played an all camp water balloon game yesterday afternoon. Then we had an evening of worship and teaching. The theme for the week centers on the life of Paul and how he saw living for Christ in his Roman/Jewish world. We focused last night on how people can be religious but not really know Jesus.

Here is a video of some of our students and what they think of camp so far:

Watch the video.

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What’s happening during May


May is a time for transition for families. I want to make sure you are informed about what’s coming up in our ministry over the next month. If you have any questions, please let me know.

No Sunday Evenings – We will NOT be meeting for Sunday evenings starting this Sunday (May 12). We will resume on June 9th.

May 19th – 8th Grade Goodbye Sunday 9:15 a.m. – Every year we have a special service of blessing and challenge for our graduating 8th graders. In addition, our students will be leading key parts of the service. Parents are invited to join us on this Sunday to celebrate with us.

May 19th – Traction: A Life Stage 4 Event 6:30 p.m. in the Den. Glenn James, our Life Stage 4 pastor is gathering all parents of teens for an evening of fellowship as well as hearing about our different student ministries. This is a great way to connect with our LS4 and LS1 teams. Dinner will be provided. Please RSVP to

June 2nd – Student Sunday – We are taking over the main services on that Sunday, so we will NOT be meeting in the Basement. All families are invited to worship with us in all three services.

June 9th – Promotion Sunday – This is the Sunday that our 8th graders will officially move up into the High School Ministry. This also marks the kick-off of our summer calendar for our new 7th and 8th graders. We will host a kick-off event on that Sunday evening.

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